Jan 13, 2015 

- Went to a themed mall (Terminal 21 Bangkok - Bangkok Shopping Mall) tons  of fun for the kids.  Each flee is themed after a famous country or city. 

- Tried out  a spa.  Services and prices were comparable to North America (Thai street spas are uber cheap)



cushed out at hotel.(Red Planet Hotel Asoke)

Rooms are small but very very clean and very well laid out. Flat screen t.v. with some English channels. Pizza can be ordered in and a McDonald's within walking distance. Very good deal. 

Jan 14, 2015 

- took subway and water taxi to get to a famous electronics mall. Fantastic deals to be had on some things but not much cheaper than North  America on laptops and cellphones. Bought a great drone with a video camera for $50 CAD

- take Skytrain back towards airport. Dropped Dave off to stay one night in a hotel with a shuttle. We hopped on a plane to Chang Mai.