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We contemplated turning around many times on our way to the campground. With virtually no signage and the civilized world having disappeared long ago, we thought our GPS must surely be misguiding us. However, an hour into the dusty trail we were still weighing the pros and cons as a couple of rangers appeared on  the narrow road. We flagged them down and they confirmed that the campground was just around the bend ahead. They then followed us and as we entered the gate, they pulled us over for speeding. Apparently, I'd missed a sign a few feet back that indicated a speed drop. They graciously let me off with a stern warning about the extreme dangers of speeding into a campground and we all sighed a breath of relief. The guest services was well maintained and  extremely helpful. The one thing I did notice about US campgrounds and Federal as well as State Parks is that they are all extremely well maintained, family friendly, and clean. The staff is always helpful and courteous.

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The campground is well treed and the Mexican Jays were so friendly they'd eat right out of your hand!!! There were nice tours of the ranch and the trails were well groomed and full of breathtaking vantage points. It was a short stop for us but a stop well worth the while. On the way out we dropped by a restaurant that was built inside a train car which was super cool and even cooler was the menu...virtually everything was fried!!!! My favorite part of this stop though was when the rangers kept warning us not to stroll about at night and in the evening as we may run into cougars or other nefarious characters!