Jan 3 , 2015

Took an inter - city bus from the bus station next to the airport to Chachoengsao Province. 


Arrived at the village Square.  NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH.  Used sign language to find two motorcycle taxis to take us to our first hotel. 

- Dani on  my back in an ergo carrier and I'm holding a bag. 

- Dave on a second motorcycle with David also carrying a bag

- tuktuk would have been better but much more expensive and there were none  around anyways. 

- tip :look for students our young people for help. They likely know a few words of  English

- tip : I tried using Google translate which speaks the sentence that is translated and no one understood the audio! 


First evening  had grill your own buffet around the corner. 

- open air restaurant with a playground for kids

- Thai style toilets - squat/ no toilet paper/ hose only

Jan 3,  2015

First hotel: Yenjit resort 

247/40 Mahachakapat Rd., A. Muang, Tambon Na Muang, Chachoengsao, Chang Wat Chachoengsao 24000, Thailand

- owner:Tuk is a fantastic  lady.  She and her daughter speak  English.  They live in Bangkok  through the week and are at the resort on the weekend.  The bungalows are very very affordable especially if you  stay multiple nights.  *The staff speak very very limited English

- each bungalow has a queen/king bed and full bathroom,  a/c,wifi, flat screen (Thai shows only)

- great little breakfast every morning with fresh local flavored teas and fresh local fruits.  They did have toast and jam. ..Dave ate  a whole  loaf 

- great open air restaurants within walking distance but very little selection other than fruit for vegetarians outside the resort

- have your  hostess call and arrange transport to and from places you want to go or  you will pay a huge premium. Even with Tuk negotiating I could tell we were getting hosed. 

- later  on we figured out that it's way way cheaper  to rent a moped and figure your way around. 





Jan 3, 2015

100 year market:

- fantastic market. No foreign tourists  at all 

- Only one restaurant owner speaks English

- loads  of trinkets ands fresh local  fish, fruits ands baked goods

-Right along the river 

- The restaurant opening into the river had excellent flood and  services.  Price point about 75%cheaper than here but great quality

an 4,  2015

- Floating Market (about 20 minutes by Tuk Tuk)

- again. Don't expect  anyone to speak  English.  In retrospect,  I think I would have learned some basic Thai before  leaving! 

-Fantastic seafood. Very traditional market. Some vendors on a floating covered dock and others boat up to the dock. 

- took a bus back - buses are covered pickup truck. You tell the driver where you want to go and he'll tell you how much he's going to charge bass on time of day,  how many riders  he thinks he can pick up along the way,  how many riders are heading in the same direction etc 

- different coloured buses go to different areas. - there are general ' bus areas ' but you can also flag them down or  find one randomly parked. Many offices don't have signs so you have to ask the locals where the bus areas are. 

- Had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. .it was definitely Thai style Mexican! 

Jan 5,  2015

- took a bus to the Suanpalm Farmnok (Parrot & Palm Garden)at Chachoengsao, Tambol Bang Talad, THAILAND. Phone:080-5871911, 081-8681174,  081-3721196



- Fantastic place with many birds randomly wandering about. 

- a They were actually closed but let us in  (Always call ahead. Some places seem to have random shut downs)

- it's literally in the middle of nowhere!  Toy have to walk down a long long driveway to get to the place don't panic. Loads of signs. 

- Had to have one of the locals drive us to abus area where a bus would likely come  by - because the buses would not pass the Bird Garden (since its closed)BUT on the wayyy home we saw a HUGE  Temple ands got off there instead (you can knock on the rear glass of the cab if you want to get off)

- Great place to stop. Lots to see and do. Good foods stalls at the entrance.