Chiang Mai


Jan 15, 2015 

-  Grabbed a cab to hotel on the outskirts of town : 

Baan Thai Resort: Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand
The atmosphere is tranquil and there's an outdoor cafe/bar and an indoor restaurant - breakfast not  included.  It was an extra 150baht  pp so we hit the street and ate fresh steamed  breakfast buns filled  with bean or veggies and milk for 50 baht for the kids and I. Lunch at a restaurant just down the street. Delicious and cheap.  Don't  know the name of it as there was no sign. 

The only problem with the place is the location. It's not  walkable to the main city and the "buses" will really take advantage. 

The hotel staff were amazing and spoke some  English. 

an 16, 2015 

- Took a red bus to Warorot market. I actually just got on without speaking  to the driver

And got off at the market and paid the same fare as the other Thais - 20baht. To get back to the hotel took just over an hour to find  a bus willing to take me and then had to negotiate like mad to get it down from 250 baht to 100 baht.

- Wandered around the neighborhood for a bit. Really neat culture in the alleys on the outskirts of town.

Jan 17, 2015 

- Wandered far enough (45 minutes by foot ) to find a main road and a restaurant. Fantastic food! !! had handmade noodles and wandered back home. 

- Went back to the main street for  a night market.  At 6 pm every evening the national anthem plays on loud  speakers and everyone has to stop and stand at attention. 

- Again. Delicious food.  Huge selection of insects cooked in different ways. 

- Not a ton of tourists because we were outside the main city. 

- walked an hour back to the hotel around 9pm.  Streets and back alley seem quite safe.  There were a lot of tuktuks at the market but again $$$$.

Jan 18, 2015 

- Spent the day at Thai Elephant House (hotel staff helped  me organize that). Van comes right to  the hotel to pick you up.  Beautiful drive  into the hills.  They provide a change of clothes and lunch and a souvenir t- shirt.  Extremely interactive and fun day feeding and playing with the elephants. They don't allow elephant riding but did hoist David up for a ride a few minutes here and there. Then we went for a swim and bathed the elephants. Extremely small group of three of us plus David and Dani.  Showers and soap provided afterwards.  

Jan 19, 2015 

-splurged for a cab toTiger Kingdom (fee for cab  negotiated by the hotel staff) . Have the cab wait for you there or there's a  high chance you can be stranded there.  A fun day filled with wandering around the zoo setting.  Different types of tigers at different ages. Excellent chance for the kids to interact with cubs ( no other tiger pens allow  children as the tigers are not  specifically trained or  sedated at all)

- wandered 30 minutes along  the alley in a new direction from the hotel and found a covered food market. Let David try some funky foods and then bought dinner to eat at the hotel.  We had a walk out room with a little patio and a table and  chairs.  Bathroom was very basic and the shower drained out into the back lawn. 

- Walls were thin enough that we could hear the neighbors talk but not  what they were specifically saying. 


Jan 20, 2015 

-บ้านเย็นตา ออแกนิค ฟาร์ม (Bhanyenta Organic Farm)เลขที่ 116 หมู่บ้านสันทราย หมู่ที่ 6 ลวงเหนือ ดอยสะเก็ด Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand - not sure if this is the correct farm. 

- Took a bus to a small town and waited in front of a variety store for someone from the farm to pick us up. 

- French university student showed up on a motorcycle with a homemade side car/basket. 

- The farm was very ' country quaint ' it was a work stay farm but I paid extra so I wouldn't have to work.  Bhunti is a hill tribe woman but her husband is retired American. 

- delicious meals. Hosts are great at entertaining and taking yoy out and about 

- Nice that there are several university student work - staying there. 

- stayed in a private hut at the back of the property with an open air bathroom. Very private and very comfortable. 

- There's are ducks and chickens and an orchard

- The retired American is a pot  smoker 

Jan 21, 2015 

Doi Saket Hot Springs  

- 3005 ตำบล แม่โป่ง Tambon Mae Pong, Amphoe Doi Saket, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand 

- Great spot  with great massages

- they have private tubs you can rent

- They have nicely set up doing streams and a small outdoors kids wading  area. 

- don't  take off any cutting even if you have a bathing suit on. ...not acceptable. 

- bought lunch there there's a row of vendors and food stalls

- you can buy quail and chicken eggs and cook THEM  in the hottest olds which are fenced off. You put the eggs in a wicker basket and hold then in the water until cooked

Jan 22-24, 2015 

Rabeang Pasak Tree Houses

Pasak Gsm Village, Lying Neua, Doi Saket,  Chiang Mai, Ban Pa Sak

- had to take a cab back to Chiang Mai city and then switch cabs out to the area. 

- little rural town nearby 

- bike rental across the road

- truly excellent meals with great vegetarian options 


we never got out to express the little town because the tree house property was so beautiful the kids just wanted to play there.  

- Lots of cats and chickens to play  with. 

- little steam running along the property

- fire pit and garden on premise

- tree houses have showers and flushing toilets. Some  are open air. None of the tree houses are insulated and it was quite chilly at night. 

- linens and towels were provided