Prologue: Ending the fight with our bodies

The pursuit of the better body is unending.  The body is continually changing moment to moment, even while we sleep.  In many ways, there is so much about our bodies that is beyond our control and yet we fight so hard to contain, restrict, mold, shape, beat, sweat, cut, sew the body into an idealized perfection.

If you want to change your body, it is a lot easier if you make friends with it first.  Get to know it, start to understand its needs, wants, fears, resistances, weaknesses, vulnerabilities.  Opening this conversation with your body may allow it to begin to yield to the changes you envision, allow for new perspectives to be shared.

And, reach out to others in the communities around you.  It’s much easier to help your body accept positive but potentially difficult changes to health when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Be nice to your body, don’t hate it. Just say to it instead, “We’re in this together. We can do this. Now, let’s get moving!”

Janey Marshall