Detail 1

El Dorado Hot do I even start describing the place??? It was like stepping out of the US and into a place in rural Thailand. I loved the place at first sight. My mom refused to get out of the car. The place was AMAZING hundreds of birds fluttering about (they were really loud) outdoor bathroom- very clean and well maintained. And access to several different hot springs and hot spring fed tubs. Each with different attributes, temperatures and varying levels of privacy. They even had little bunkie-like cottages!

Detail 2

The kids and I opted for the private pools so we could run around the private yard buck naked. Each  private 'courtyard' has showers, lounge chairs and the entire perimeter is fenced with 10foot tall living bamboo. There were water trenches along the bamboo, channeling around the entire campground for out flow water. They had little fishies in the trenches to keep the bug population down AND IT WAS almost 100% effective!!!!


Detail 3

There weren't any restaurants or sites nearby but we didn't really want to leave the oasis anyways. The place is literally right off the highway. We took a stroll out to the gas station a couple of times for beef jerky (amazing in southern US) and Mexican style frozen treats.

Detail 4

We stayed a couple of extra days at El Dorado, my dad even almost got a job managing the grounds there during the winters because he loved it so much! Unfortunately, because of his poor health, he wouldn't have been able to afford the health insurance. So off to Saguaro National Park!