Kuala Lumpur


Jan 24, 2015 

- fly back to Bangkok airport to meet up with parents

- We grab some dinner on the way to our Airbnb place and David,  Dani,  and my mom get food poisoning for the next 6 days. 

- dad and I wander around the streets close by as we need to keep checking on them and bringing them meals


Jan 29,,2015 

- catch a sleeper train to Malaysia then cab to  Penang. Bench seats in the sleeper fold out into a large single bed and a bunk bed pulls  down over top. Very comfy and clean. There's a public bathroom and sink at the end of the cart. 

- There's a meal cart which we bought lunch and dinner from but it's a good thing we packed plenty of snacks!  The meal cart is detached as soon as you cross the border into Malaysia. 


Jan 30,  2015 

- at the train station  in Malaysia walk away from the station for the best fares. The cabbies that approach you as you leave the station will be 5 x the price! 

- take a cab to the Penang airport. Took a plane to Kuala Lumpur - was cheaper and faster than taking the train

Jan 31, 2015 

- stayed at an airbnb place - Casa Residency

67, Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- hit Jalan  Alor for food for almost every meal. Fantastic food and vibe day or  night

- Very cheap and excellent massages and pedicures- probably the best I've ever had

- HUGE shopping  district. Great underground food courts. 


Feb  1, 2015 

- hit the malls for the day and of course more food and pampering

Feb 2,  2015 

-walked 30 minutes to the kmuter to go see the bats at Batu Caves. 

- Must if the caves were closed for a HUGE Indian festival FUN

- got to see the inside of one cave. It had carved figures and great lighting duo you could see everything very clearly

- Fantastic cultural experience and food was free (other than treats and sweets )tubs of puerile making a pilgrimage up to the temple to pay homage

Feb 3, 2015  

- Took the plane to go visit Audrey parents on the Malaysian/Singapore border