"You can't control the wind, but you can adjust the sails."


Our Mission

We can all live better.  With the right knowledge, tools and support, your next five years of life can be better than the last five.  Starting here, you can develop lifelong skills and habits that will help you face any challenge that may come your way, be it physical or psychological. Let's face it, life is tough, but we believe in everyone's potential to bounce back no matter how difficult the circumstance. This is what is means to have resilience.

We can help you get there. 


"No man is an island."

John Donne, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, 1624


Our Approach

We all experience suffering and periods of ill health. In every instance of these challenging periods, there are things that are within our control and things that are not. Our focus is on the things that we can control, starting with the basics of general well-being: Nourishment. What we take in shapes who we become, physicially and non-physically. What we eat provides the building blocks of our bodies, the words that we feed our minds with mold our patterns of thinking, and the communities that we associate with form the networks that further contribute to one’s development.

We start with nutrition for the body and mind, but lasting change often requires the help of others. Behavioural change requires communities of support to help sustain individuals in their healthier choices for better living.  We see "burnout" as a systemic problem that requires systemic interventions.  While individuals can take charge of their health, if there isn't an environment to support these changes, the task can be monumental. 

We offer solutions targeting both individuals and groups simultaneously to foster the growth of supportive communities, creating an environment where people can truly begin to thrive.  Our goal is to help build resilience and foster networks that promote healthier living.