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As poorly as Bluegreen had treated us, The Mountain Resort totally went above and beyond. With an upgraded suite (they felt the room Bluegreen had assigned would be too small), Meal discount coupons and sevral assurances to not worry about anything as their team would sort everything out for us in the morning, they sent us of to our apartment/suite. Poor Michael, the youngest was asleep by now and the rest of the family were so tired we grabbed our almost free meals (great coupons) and rolled right into bed. Customer service A+!

Detail 2

The next morning we sleepily wandered out to breakfast. Not really expecting much. WRONG. Breakfast was a great hot buffet with fresh fruit, ample choice of beverages and carbby treats and plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, paleo or even gluten free diners! The staff were friendly and helpful and the views out the windows were amazing. and BEST OF ALL kids eat FREE and we had a coupon for 2 for 1 adult breakfast! YEAH! 


Detail 3

The next couple of days were filled with indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, hot tubbing, working out, exploring the super cute town and hiking. We were all a bit cold the entire time because I forgot to factor in the much higher altitude when packing. We had a great lunch at an authentic mexican restaurant in town and generally really enjoyed our stay.

Detail 4

The 'Buy Bluegreen Timeshare" presentation was really well done. we had tried to tape parts of it for a volg and were pulled out of the main presentation because they thought we were spies. I was really flattered. The resort itself was beautiful and Dave played hardball and got us an amazing deal but in the end the lack of customer service and help we encountered upon arrival disuaded us from commiting to the company.