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Driving into Las Vegas at night was fun. You could feel the kids getting excited! As we drove over the crest and down into the valley, the bright signs and gaudy yet beautiful light show pulled us in, beckoning us, winking at us like a sassy roller waitress. Our first problem was that Dani had to go to the bathroom....desperately. No problem we thought, just pull into a gas station. SO WRONG. Apparently, for security, bathrooms are locked after a certain time. I know. insanity. So in a panic stricken state we zoomed around town looking for our first hotel. Circus Circus. So, one may ask themselves, who WOULDN'T want to stay in a giant circus show???? My hubby Dave. His anxiety hit the roof and he stopped functioning sensibly. I'm not sure if it was the indoor trapeze artists or the indoor amusement park, or the giant arcade that threw him overboard but as hundreds of children ran about eating popcorn and spilling drinks, Dave seemed to fade away, into his 'safe place' in the far recesses of his mind. This resulted in The girls and I losing him and my son for about 3 hours....which would have been okay except that they we didn't have a room key!

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The next night we moved to Luxor, an Egyptian Themed hotel a couple of stars up from Circus Circus. The centre was open so you could look down into the lobby from even the highest floors. It was great for the kids! The atmosphere was WAY more mellow and the rooms had large windows and slanted outer walls (the hotel is shaped like a pyramid). The elevators are an experience in and of themselves. Because of the shape of the hotel, the elevators move horizontally as well as vertically!!!! Great outdoor pools and a sky train connecting Mandalay Bay to Luxor, Camelot and I think even the Tropicana! We hit a bunch of fun stores on the strip including the CocaCola Store (sampled Coke products from around the world) and the m&m store. However, our favorite spot was a breakfast joint called BabyStacks Cafe. Excellent Breakfast, cool pancake flavours but the wait....holy crow...not a great place if you have hungry kids!!!!